What is Joomla! CMS ?

Joomla-Logo.png Joomla! is very popular and powerful Content Management System (CMS) which you can use to build websites, from very simple to very complicated. It can also be used to create powerful online application.

You can use it for:

  • websites for non-profits, organizations, schools, churches or families
  • company intranets and portals
  • magazines and newspapers
  • portals for communities

Once Joomla! is installed, it is easy for anyone, even without special computer knowledge, to update or add texts and images to the site. Over�3 thousands of extensions are avalable to be installed additionally, adding features to Joomla! powered website.

Before you enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of your own website powered by Joomla!, you have to find reliable and secure hosting company - and this is the goal of our site.

Joomla! is Open Source software - it was created by the team of passionate developers - so if you like free software please consider donating to the project.

Quick access to most popular providers
name sample plan
price from
Bluehost Web Hosting $6.95 200 GB, 2000 GB transfer, CPanel
6.95 USD/mo
200 GB, 2000 GB transfer, CPanel 7.95 USD/mo

300 GB, 3000 GB transfer
88 USD/year

5 GB, 250 GB transfer 3.99 USD/mo
Improve web site performance with 1&1 Hosting 4 GB, 40 GB transfer 7.92 �/mo
How to find best hosting company for Joomla! CMS ?

If you want the answer to the above question, you are in the right place! All necessary information about web hosting companies providing Joomla! hosting are here.

First the minimum requirements for Joomla! host:

  • PHP 4.2.x or above
  • MySQL 3.23.x or above
  • Apache 1.13.19 or above
  • MySQL, XML, and Zlib functionalities enabled in PHP

Even cheap hosting should fulfill such requirements. Most of large hosting companies provide two types of hosting: Windows or Linux hosting. For Joomla! you need the Linux hosting.

Web Server survey - October 2008

Web server survey for October 2008 performed by Netcraft�returned over 182�226 000 web sites. Apache web server shows the largest increase, with Google web server as second increase with 411 000 sites. Google web server has over 10 million sites, what makes almost 6% of market share. lighttpd is 4th with 1.7% market share.

Web Server survey - June 2008

Web server survey from June 2008 by Netcraft�returned over 172�338 000 sites, an increase of 3.9 million sites since previous month. gained the most sites (632000) and is still one of the largest hosting companies of the world�- 6th to be exact.

Apache web server market share decreased slightly below 50%. Microsoft's share is stable at almost 36% and�Google web server share remains at around 6%.

nginx�gained over million sites as Wordpress�switched from LiteSpeed for its blogging platform.

Web Server survey - April 2008

Netcraft reports that web server survey from April 2008 returned over 165 719 000 sites, an increase of 3 million sites since previous month.

Apache web server market share is still around 50%. Google web server share increased the most, to 6.08%.

Lighttpd market share decreased a little, but still has over 1.5 million sites. nginx has increased market share, up to 1018 thousand sites. LiteSpeed web server, accounted for 668 thousand web sites.